Saturday, August 1, 2009

Why Princess Salme Inn?

Why Should You Stay at Princess Salme Inn?

· The hotel Maintains the highest level of cleanness in stone town
· You can get air conditioned rooms
· Has the honest, helpful staff to assist you plan your tours transfer and departure
· Is very near to the port in case you need to travel by a boat
· You can go to any part of stone town by normal walking for not more than 10 minutes
· It has variety of rooms to suit your needs. Including Air Conditioned
· Free Breakfast
· Hot Shower.
· Mosquito Nets.
· Bath Linen & Sandals.
· Standby Generator in case of power failure
· Tea / Coffee 24hrs.
· Pay Television.
· Ceiling Fans.
· You can cook the food you want. The kitchen is available

Some Useful Hints:

· If you are coming by plane, the airport is 8 Km’s from the hotel, so you must take a taxi or public service (Daladala).
· The hotel offers airport pick up transfer for $ 8.00 per vehicle. The vehicle carries up to 4 passengers with luggage, if you are more than 4 the price will change. Let us know your arrival time if you would prefer this service.
· You can also take public transport (Daladala) which will cost around $ 0.20 (very cheap)
· In case you need to ask the taxi driver, the name of the hotel, use two names “Princess Salme Inn or Annex Malindi Lodge” because Princess Salme Inn is a new name and some people might not know it.
· If you are arriving with a boat, the hotel is few steps from the port.
From the New Port, it is nearly 4 minutes, for a normal walk.
You may be followed by a lot of street boys (famously known as “Papasi”) trying to sell you excursions or accommodation, although disturbing but these are not bad guys to be afraid of, if you insist you have a booking they will leave you.

For more information please contact the hotel:
Tel: +255 777 435303

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